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Why Computer Repair Stores need a Good POS Software

Running a computer repair store can become messy at times. Especially when your repair store is a popular one and everyone comes to you to have their computers repaired. With more repair jobs comes more responsibility. Yes, straight from Spiderman, but it’s also true in this case. When you have too many repair jobs to complete, you end up with many devices that you have to assign to your repair experts. Sometimes the workers forget to repair a certain device and this ends your business with an angry or unsatisfied customer. POS software for computer repair stores is designed to save you from all this trouble. In this post, we will be discussing some of the features that you need to look for in a good POS software for your computer repair store.

Repair Ticket Management

The first thing that you make when a customer comes to you with a repair job is to make a repair ticket that is manageable and traceable. If you are making a paper ticket, there is a high chance that your worker may misplace it. This risk is reduced if you are using a computer repair POS software at your store. Your workers will be able to track the device, read diagnostic reports, trace repair parts, and complete jobs on time just by relying on the POS software.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is very important when you are running a repair store. You need to make sure what items you have in your inventory and also know which ones you are running out of. You will also need to manage the vendors you are getting your spare parts from along with the prices they are quoting you. You simply can’t do all this on paper and it’s a hassle if you are using Excel sheets for it. A good POS software for computer repair stores, like RepairDesk, will be able to manage your inventory, allow you to generate barcodes and set stock warning levels along with directly make stock replenishing requests to your vendors. The software will also add or deduct inventory item when it has been used during a repair or if a sold part is returned to you.

Employee Management

To run a successful repair business, you need motivated employees. Employees are motivated when their work is appreciated. If you can effectively track the work of an employee, you will be able to know how keenly or dedicatedly that employee is working at your store. This will allow you to appreciate their efforts and also reward them. Point of sale software for repair stores can allow you to do just that. These systems enable you to assign repair jobs to workers and also track time an employee is taking in repairing an item. They will also allow you to view how many jobs an employee has completed in a day and check if any worker is sitting free.

These were the reasons why your computer repair store needs a good POS software to become profitable. While looking for repair store POS software please try to look around and compare products before settling for one. Also, consider whether a product is within your budget. Good luck.


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