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Tutuapp apk for android is now available to download and install on your android phone. It was built as an app store for iphone but is now available in .apk format to be download and install on android phones.

Since the app provides a huge number of paid apps for free, Android users too, must get it on their phone. Tutu will let you download and enjoy the hacked version of Pokémon go, 8 Ball poll, clash of clans and other similar free and paid apps for free. So get ready to get these cool apps and games on your mobile.

In the current age of technology, smartphones are considered as necessity and part of our daily life. There are many brands making smartphones with high-end specs and features. List of such manufacturer including Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Acer, Hawaii and Motorolla.

Tutuapp for Android

Most of these brands uses either of the two operating systems for their devices, iOS and Android. Blackberry and Nokia however have their own operating system for the mobiles but the first 2 are more popular.

So to capture huge number of customers, developers and companies usually make app for iOS and Android operating system. The same is true in case of tutuapp. This app store has millions of apps in it and let the users of iPhone and android phone to get most of the paid apps for free.

Among the 2 true competitors, the iOS and the Android, the later one has a slight edge over iOS. Since both are very much popular, Android is quite lot easy to use. Apart from ease of use, android operating system is flexible in the sense that you can easily get cracked and moded apps for free.

And getting paid apps for free got more easy with the emergence of Tutuapp for Android. Now you can get the Pokémon go hacked version with Joystick feature to get rid of the real life walking.

On an estimate, millions of apps are available in Play Store, not all of them are free. some are free but have restriction and limitation while using them. to get rid of both issues, tutu app for android is the solution.

The following how-to tutorial on Tutuapp will explain you how to download and install tutu app on android phone. You’ll also know about the advantages of having this app store on your smartphone.

The list of popular apps on tutu app store and many more things will be discussed their in this article. So let’s first have a look of the list of content and main headings of the article.

Download Tutuapp apk for Android

Since tutuapp is not available to download from Google Play Store, you have to manually install it on your android phone or tablet. In order to have it on your phone manually, all you need is to download the latest apk of tutu app from the official website (www.tutuapp.com).

The official website is however in Chinese language, for English version, please go to the home page of this website. We have uploaded the latest version of apk on the index page.

You can see the QR code on the main page, scanning which will reveal the download links. Clicking on the link and accepting the download, the app apk will be install on your Android phone.

Tutu APK Android
Scan the QR Code to Download Tutuapp APK for Android

For the direct download link to the tutu apk, click here. (tutuapp android app v1.2.05.apk). Next step is how to install tutuapp on android.

 System Requirements for tutu app

Almost all the latest models from top brands like Samsung, LG, Motorolla and Huawei can install and run the tutu app. Since these smartphones are packed with the Android version 4.4 and advanced they are compatible with this app store.Tutuapp APK

To make it more clear, let’s have a look of the system or smartphone requirements for tutu.

  • Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or higher, preferably Android 5 (Lollipop)
  • 0GHz Quad core or higher processor for fast processing
  • 1GB RAM, more is better for fast downloading of apps
  • The app will take 100 MB out of your storage. 4GB Phone internal memory is preferred. However more will be required depends upon the size of app to be downloaded.
  • 0 Inches IPS or high resolution screen
  • 3G or 4G supported phone to have fast speed internet.

If your phone meets the above mentioned minimum requirement criteria, you can get the tutu app for android phone.

Installing Tutu apk on Android

Once the download process is complete, you need to install the app manually. It is as simple as 1,2,3. All you have to do is to go to the downloaded apk file of the app. Tap on it to initiate the installation process. Keep in mind, you have to change the app installation setting from “Settings”. Installation from Unknown source must be checked. The installation wizard will compete the process in few seconds. you are now ready to run the app store on your android.

TutuApp Installation

Note: You must checked the “install from Unknown” source from your phone settings.

Tutuapp Android Step 2

Getting an Id to access tutuapp

You can get one time paid Id to login to and access the features of Tutu for Android from here. Once got the id  or the login details, refer to the step below to complete the process of installation.

Running the app for the first time

Once the app is installed and you got login details / user ID for it, you’d be able to access its ultimate features. To run the app for the first time and thereafter, you need to tap on the tutu icon. The user interface of the app store will open. It will ask you for the ID / login details that you have buy from the official website.

Enter the ID into the required field. That’s all you need to run the app for the first time. The app however take some time when initiate for the first time. let it loads all the resources on the system.

Soon after the process finished, just enjoy the ultimate and cool features of the app. Try it with downloading your favorite app or game like Pokémon to test its ability.

Downloading apps from tutu app store

Once you get tutuapp Id from the vendor, you will be able to sign in to the app store. Downloading apps like Pokémon Go is an easy task then. The app follow the same pattern as in any other app store (i.e. iOS, Play Store).

All you need is to search for a specific app by typing the keyword or name in the search bar. the result will show you list of apps. From the displayed list, select the most latest version of the app you are looking for. Click download and done.

Tutu Apps

Note that the tutuapps has some exciting featured apps on the home screen of the app. They are worth to check and download.

Tutuapp Features – The Hot and Exciting about Tutu

Some friends might think if the tutuapp apk is worth to download on Android phone. What’s hot and exciting in it to get the app store when the phone is already packed with Google native app store, the Play Store?

Well to clear doubts and concerns of those friends, we have prepared a list of top tutu app features. this will make you think about downloading and installing Tutu on you android phone.

Keep in mind, Tutu app store is not just another app store that will let you download ordinary apps. it is rather a platform which provides paid premiums apps for free. Now have a look of what’s exciting about the tutuapp.

  1. Tutuapp is just onetime investment. Just spent few dollars and download apps worth thousands dollars.
  2. Download millions of app for free. It is the place for downloading millions of paid apps for free. The famous of which are Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans and many more.
  3. Not only apps, tutu will let you install themes, wallpapers and ringtones as well
  4. Tutu app keep your identity hidden. It take care of one’s privacy and make you and your data secure.
  5. It take off the burden of signing in for app. You do not need to login to Play Store or any other app store for downloading apps.
  6. Tutu let you share files with your friends using Wi-fi. So there is no need of extra app like Zapya, Xender or Shareit.
  7. This application is comes up with the in-built junk cleaner. Tutu is efficient garbage cleaner will clean out the residue of uninstalled apps, app data, temporary files and Cache.
  8. Surprisingly, this Chinese app store, Tutu, has his own RAM booster. This feature is useful while playing games or watching movie. In these conditions, more RAM is required
  9. The app has battery management option and let you shutdown the process of high battery consuming apps.
  10. A few more less noticeable feature of this app includes the Calendar or Event Planner, Contacts Book and QR Scanner.

With lots of bonus feature, the tutu apps store  is worth to download on Android devices. If you are a gamer and love to play the Pokémon go in mod / hacked version, tutuapps store is perfect for you.

Advantages of tutuapps

  • The Chinese app store has over 1 million premium apps to download
  • It updates their database of paid apps frequently
  • Pokémon go hacked version is the most favorite and most downloaded app among all
  • The app itself comes with great features like RAM booster, Junk Cleaner and File Transfer via Wi-fi.
  • It is a one-time investment to get paid apps for future

Disadvantages of tutuapp

  • Tutu app is not free at all.
  • Chinese version is hard to understand
  • Some of your favorite app might not be listed in the database
  • There might be an issue while updating apps. You have to manually download and re-install the updated version of the desired app
  • Your Android OS version must be 4.4 (KitKat) or latest.


Tutu app store going popular among Android and iOS users. Tutuapp for android will soon goes viral as it was for iphones. It will soon become the 2nd must have app store on the above operating systems. We strongly believe that the developers behind tutu will soon launch its version for Blackberry OS and Symbion and Window phones.

That’s what we know about the tutuapp for android and its installation. since the app is in the development phase, many people are facing problems while running it. If you are facing any problem while download and installing the app on your android phone, let us know in comments. We will disclose the issue in details and will give a helpful solution to the problem.

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