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QuickBooks Error 1904

QuickBooks Error 1904

QuickBooks Error 1904

If you want to know about Quickbooks error 1904 and how to fix Quickbooks error 1904 and its problems then you can read our post and we will also tell you the steps to solve this error. There is some certain scenarios problem when QuickBooks displays some errors that occur due to many causes. in the QuickBooks one of the common errors is QuickBooks error code 1904. below we discuss steps to fix QuickBooks error 1904.

QuickBooks error 1904 is showing (file path/name/extension) failed to register mainly occurs due to incorrect file setting or damaged file in QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks error code 1904 usually occurs while you are trying to open your company file on the accounting page due to damage to the QuickBooks database. QuickBooks error code 1904 also occurs due to lack or hang disk space on your computers So you can also check your computer system properly.

Some Issues of QuickBooks error 1904

QuickBooks error 1904 is due to single or multiple issues which are mentioned below. just have a look…

  • The QuickBooks error code is generally issued by damage file settings and Server Efficiency problems.
  • Simply installation of new and latest window operating system on your System.
  • When you install QuickBooks account software and installer file is damaged.
  • When QuickBooks users simply upgrading windows System of the amazing QuickBooks desktop application version.
  • Any latest updated window best security application is just interrupting QuickBooks installation.
  • The uses are not having needed permission for a simple installation on any window OS.

Alternative Way To Fix Quickbooks Error 1904

Download & Run  the QuickBooks Diagnostic Installation Tools

  • The first step is to complete the installation process.
  • If you see any error messages on your computer screen then simply ignore them and reboot the system.
  • Note that you are not to open your QuickBooks accounting application just yet.
  • You have the restart your computer system immediately.
  • Then you download and run the QuickBooks accounting software installation Diagnostic Tools in case your installation is still incomplete and reboot system.
  • After this restart your computer system.
  • Despite running the tool if the error occurs the active the Built-in Administrator.
  • You will have to install QuickBooks programming under the Administration penal account when all the above steps are done.

Manual Solution to fix QuickBooks error 1904

  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop
  • Rename the entire QuickBooks and its folders manually
  • clean install QuickBooks accounting software.
  • download and run QDIT (QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tools)
  • Making a fine Adjustment of your Windows Operating System.

Way to Switch to Your Window Administration Account

  • open to start menu and type CMD into the Search bar.
  • when you see the command prompt option given a right-click on its icon and then select run as administrator.
  • type net user administrator/ active: yes in the command prompt window and then press enter now close it once the process gets completed.
  • Open the window start menu again and select sign out.
  • select the account that says administration and sign in not required to the password.

Change the Security Setting of the Installation Directory

  • You have browser c:\Programing Files\cpmmon Files.
  • Common files folder then right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Click Edit then under the security tab.
  • Select users under group maintenance or usernames on application.

Under permission for users select allow for the following permission.

  • Read and Execute
  • Read
  • Modify
  • List Folder Contents
  • Write
  • Select the Apply and click on Ok.


If you still face some QuickBooks error code in 1904, it is highly recommended reaching out to an IT professional. There may be a general issue with your computer which they can easily fix. So, feel free to avail QuickBooks Customer Service which is cost-effective and blue-chip.

We told you to solve the QuickBooks error 1904 in many ways, but if you want even more information, you can visit our website and you can solve the QuickBooks error 1904.

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