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How to Buy ACs : Keep Cool And Know These 5 Tips

With so many brands competing for consumer attention in the air conditioner market, buying an AC can be a taxing experience. However, you can make the right choice by keeping a few important parameters in mind when you zero upon an AC this summer. Here are a few tips that would help you make an informed decision:

  1.  Choose an energy-efficient unit: Air conditioners can lead to huge electricity bills if not chosen properly. To nip this problem in the bud, choose a unit that comes with a high energy-efficiency rating. The rating signifies the energy efficiency of the unit as provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India.  For instance, a split AC 1 ton can come in 2, 3 or 4-star ratings. The higher the energy efficiency rating (EER), the lesser the power consumed by the AC. This not only leads to better cooling, but also reduces your electricity bill, thereby helping you save more. ACs with inverter technology also consume less power as compared to conventional models, even though they might be a bit costly.
  2. Cooling capacity: It is important that you assess your room size, sun exposure, the number of people who use the room on a daily basis to select the right tonnage for your AC. For example, a split AC of 1 ton would suffice for a 150 square feet room, whereas a bigger room would require a 1.5-ton (or higher) unit. Choosing an AC with lower capacity than required will fall short of cooling every corner of your room and might, therefore, be unable to give you the desired cooling effect.
  3. Noise: Window ACs make more noise as compared to split ACs. This may cause disturbance while you are working or sleeping. It is better to ask your dealer upfront about the noise levels your unit may produce during functioning. Choose a floor standing or tower AC, which is not only portable but also comes with quiet control to reduce noise during operation.    
  4. Look beyond high-end features: Companies might promise breakthrough technology and impressive features to differentiate their brand from others. However, a few basic things should not be overlooked. For instance, your model should include basic features such as a copper condenser which increases the durability of the AC due to its anti-corrosive capabilities, resulting in better performance. Such elementary features should most definitely figure in your AC. 
  5. Be assured of after-sales servicing: Air conditioners are complex electrical instruments that require periodic maintenance.  It is important that apart from the factors mentioned above, you also look for a company with a proven record of prompt servicing to its customers after they make a purchase at affordable rates. An AC may require servicing even when it is working perfectly fine, so do not hesitate to ask the dealer or sales executive about the company’s service record.  


Do not buy an air conditioner in haste. Rather choose carefully and evaluate different models,  analyzing them closely to find the right fit for your space as per your requirements. You can also read our air conditioner buying guide if you have confusion regarding the various kinds of AC brands and models. This will help you to choose the best AC as per your budget and needs.

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