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Facts About AR-15

Many people have questions regarding certain topics, but most of the people have questions regarding weapon topics too. These are the type of weapons which have been the best choice for all Military people and used for mass shootings from few years. But, what else we know about this? These are the facts about AR-15 which can help you to know more about weapons and can give you a little bit of interest in this topic.

  • We at least need to be 18 years old if we want to buy an AR-15 rifle as stated by the 48 states.
  • Many people who use or do not have a hint of how it is used say this is an assault rifle weapon, but actually it is not, But can be called has semi-automatic weapon. 
  • The meaning of an Assault rifle is that it is entirely automatic and it does not have a trigger to pull the bullet to drop the barrel.
  • The AR-15 can shoot up to 100 rounds yet with a regular packed 30 rounds. The magazines are very comfortable to bear, operate, refill for a professional shooter.
  • These rifles are popular among many civilians but most of these rifles are possessed by 8 million of Americans.
  • This has been pre-owned by all of the Military people and was popularly used in Vietnam war in place of the U.S. Military’s M-14, which is an extended big calibre designed from old world war 2.
  • The name AR stands for Armalite Rifle.
  • This rifle ranges from $800-1,800 which totally relies on the production.
  • In some states, this weapon can be bought easily.
  • To buy these rifles off course your background will be checked. In reality, according to the federal law, background examining is needed in the gun sale that has license. But, there is a millions of purchasing and selling these rifles without a background check through online or strangers.
  • These are dangerous if compared to other rifles, researchers have concluded that with an AR-15 semi-automatic having a large magazine have shown more shots, more people have been killed and more are injured than from other firearms.
  • Earlier, this AR-15 was categorized under assault type and was forbidden until 2004.
  • There is a less evidence about the impact after the ban of these AR-15 rifles. Among many people one even said that it created a lot of difference.
  • The ban was not completely done, the courts have called these guns as a war weapons. The court in Richmond, have named this weapon as assaulted and found that AR-15 is a war weapon.
  • From the time of 2012, there have been 203 deaths including children and even the people at schools.


Even though many say that the guns should not be used or women’s should have ammunitions for their safety or they should learn how to operate it, one thing is for sure, AR-15 can create a massacre in just few minutes.

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